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Helé de Beer

Owner of Die Leerlooier, Port Elizabeth

"I used to think that I would never be able to manage having an organized wardrobe. I'm a very sentimental person and find it difficult to get rid of basically anything. Through this process I've gained understanding about why it is that I tend to keep unnecessary clothes/possessions and I've managed to let go of the things I don't actually need. Things that were just cluttering up my physical space and occupying unnecessary space in my head and heart. I feel liberated and empowered."

George and Louise Kinmont

Retired couple, Port Elizabeth

"Admin was a point of tension in our home. We now have a organised and mess-free office space with an ongoing system to work with. Joy helped us develop an efficient and easily manageable system to handle the administrational processes related to running our home."

Jennilee and Duane Nel

Owners of Armcoil, Port Elizabeth

"My office was terribly disorganized and I had so much paperwork that didn’t have a place that it belonged. Joy helped me to break everything down into workable, logical piles, thereby creating a space for everything. I now have a logical and practical filing system that helps me attend to my paperwork from ‘start to storage’ in a much more efficient manner. I now feel motivated to work and finish everything that needs to be done before leaving my desk. It’s actually a pleasure to keep my space organized and efficient!."

Ethel Tsopo

Nurse, Port Elizabeth

"My room and wardrobe feel amazing. My 'new' space really is life changing and the order is nice to have - especially after a busy day of work. It has been easy to maintain and has saved me time in the morning cause I'm not spending a lot of time fishing for clothes"


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