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Declutter and organise your home

Hands- on sessions:

After an initial consultation session where we talk about what you would like to achieve, we will set about systematically going through the rooms/areas you would like help with. We will help you to declutter and put organisation routines in place that best serve your lifestyle, values and needs.  

Virtual Sessions:

If you would like to organise your home but you live outside the service area of a professional organiser, have a tight budget, or work better in your own time this could be the option for you. We will do an online walk through assessment of the areas you would like to tackle, brainstorm ideas and setup a plan to help you get started on achieving your goals. We currently offer a four hour package which is divided into two sessions.

Get a handle on your admin

For most of us home admin seems to go to the bottom of the priority list when the  to-do's pile up. Yet we know that admin is often the oil that allows life to run smoothly. Perhaps you need a little help to set up a paper management system or to get papers ready for a specific task. We will help pick up the slack and get the administrative necessities of your home and personal life in order.